Yaşaroğlu Limuzin Hizmetlerimiz


Yaşaroğlu Limuzin Lüks Araç

Luxury Vehicles

With our experienced and professional driver team, we provide you a beyond-imagination service. From the first moment you are welcomed you will feel special. We are gladly at your service with our professional driver team and specially equipped vehicles.


Are you ready to experience beauty of Istanbul and serenity of Bosphorus?

One of the most special experiences of your life is waiting for you with special menus prepared just for you. If you want to make your business meetings or special occasions unforgettable, you can get away from the city life, and experience the yatch luxury we provide.

Yaşaroğlu Limuzin Yat

Yaşaroğlu Limuzin Helikopter


Yasaroglu Limousine&Luxury Services will be at your service when your time is limited or long for a comfortable journey or when you want to look Istanbul up in the sky. We are at your service with our helicopter services.

Private Jet

Be ready for a spectacular flight experience planned with every single detail. We will make each moment unforgettable with the service we provide.

Yaşaroğlu Limuzin Özel Jet

Yasaroglu Limousine Ambulance Helicopter & Jet

Ambulance Helicopter & Jet

Yasaroglu Limousine&Luxury Services is at your side in the most difficult times. You can rely on our ambulance helicopter and ambulance jet service for any unfavorable circumstances you may encounter during your travels or during patient transportation.

ExlusIve Security Consultancy

VIP Close Protection

We provide VIP close security service with our professional team who trained in Turkey or abroad.

Ultra Yacht Security Solutions

Have you heard about our ultra-yacht safety solutions we provide to yacht owners, families and VIP guests? Throughout your boat journey, we are at your service with effective security solutions.

Yaşaroğlu Limuzin Exlusive Güvenlik Danışmanlığı

Yaşaroğlu Limuzin Seyahat Güvenliği

VIP Security

It does not matter where your destination is ... We will be right with during your travels with our safe accommodation, transportation and translation services. You can benefit from our government permit, weather and maritime safety service, and you can feel more secure thanks to our support of our threat analysis.

ExlusIve Tour

Discover Turkey!

You will have unforgettable experiences that is designed according to your pleasures and interests. You will experience beauty of Turkey with every single detail.

Yaşaroğlu Limuzin Exlusive Tur

Yaşaroğlu Limuzin Seçkin Restoran Önerileri


Your place is booked at the most distinguished restaurants and cafes particularly in Istanbul and all around Turkey. You can enjoy fish with the unique scenery of Bosporus or you can try flavors prepared by most distinguished chefs of Turkey or have distinguished tastes from classical Turkish cuisine or world cuisine. You will experience Istanbul’s most elite and authentic places.


Get ready for the privilege world Yasaroglu Limousine&Luxury Services presents. You will have the most elite and authentic accommodation choices and experience the luxury we provide. If you wish you can feel the difference of spending the night at fascinating atmosphere of Bosporus or head spinning highlands of Eastern Black sea or fascinating nature of Aegean and Mediterranean.

Yaşaroğlu Limuzin Otel

ExclusIve Flats & Villas

ExclusIve Flats & Villas

Whether a beautiful historical place overlooking Bosphorus view or a villa with a fascinating decoration… Istanbul is a beauty, especially for those who make long travel plans. We plan the details, enjoy the moment.